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 What is HABLA?
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(This page is for information only, this is NOT an actual course, so please do not enroll on this page)

Medical Interpreter Program

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HABLA is a unique online medical education program developed for Spanish—English bi-lingual individuals to learn the knowledge and skills necessary to provide professional interpreter services between medi-cal providers and limited English-proficient patients. This program provides an online program that can be completed at your convenience. It also provides practice case studies that will increase your confidence with real life example sitautions to solidify your medical interpretation skills.

Program Goal and Objectives:

To enable medical interpreters to learn appropriate and efficient ways of providing professional interpreter services between the medical provider and the limited English-proficient patients.  In completing the course, the medical interpreter develops the ability to listen, understand and verbally convey messages accurately and completely, as well as, manage the flow of communication between two individuals who speak two different languages and are of different cultural backgrounds.

After completion of this course, you will be able to:

1) Identify the roles played by the interpreter
2) Learn the modes of interpretation
3) Familiarize with common errors committed in interpreting
4) Identify barriers to communication
5) Understand the rules, regulations, and mandates that guide the profession of medical interpretation
6) Demonstrate the understanding of Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics that are essential to the practice of medical interpretation
7) Incorporate knowledge of the Hispanic culture and values of the patients they serve into practice

Target Audience:

MUST BE fluent Spanish—English bi-lingual individuals

Overall Program Outline:

HABLA Part 1 - Online Course Content
Module I
Understanding the Standards
Module II
Guidelines for Medical Interpreters
Module III
Providers of Health Care
Module IV
Cultural Competency
Module V
Medical Terminologies

*There will be a short Quiz after each Module in HABLA - Part 1.

**Quizzes and Final Exam will need to be completed with at least a 75% passing score.  You will be given three attempts to complete the Quiz and Final Exam with a 80% passing score.  If after 3 attempts you do not pass the Quiz with a passing score of 75% or better,  you will not be able to print your certificate of completion.  Please review the cancellation refund policy below for more information.

HABLA Part 2 - Online Case Studies Practice
Incorporate theory into practical application through real world case studies
Online Final Examinations
Demonstrate proficiency of theory and practical application of knowledge by completing a comprehensive online examination.

After successful completion of this self-study medical interpreters education program, you will have earned 30 contact hours of knowledge and skills necessary to take an interpretation exam to obtain medical interpreter certification.

Fees and Additional Information:


- Computer that meets system requirements.  See below.
- Working email address for notifications

On-Line Course Content         -   $160.00
Case Studies and Final Exam  -   $  80.00
Total Program Costs:                 $240.00

Program Dates:

Initial Program Release Date:  March  14, 2013

Initial Pogram Expiration Date:  March 14, 2016

System Requirements:

Adobe Flash Player / Macromedia Flash Player.  You will be given the options to download Flash Player once you are in the program and before the Flash Player presentation begins.

I.E. Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater

There is Audio recorded for this presentation, must have internal or external speakers


Cancellation Refund Policy:

An applicant accepted by SolutionSight (“Student”) may have a change in plans and a need to cancel further participation in the HABLA Programs. Such Student must provide a written notice of cancellation by mail or fax to:
SolutionSight, Inc
2191 Avalon Drive
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
ATTN: HABLA Program Administrator
847-913-8727 (Fax)

SolutionSight may provide a refund of tuition only to the Student as outlined below (“Refund”). Any Refund shall be either credited to the Student’s account if originally paid by credit or debit card or by check if originally paid by check. THIS POLICY IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANYTIME AND WITHOUT NOTICE.

1. HABLA On-Line Program, Part 1:
a.    If notice of cancellation is received by SolutionSight within the first 5 business days of the Student’s enrollment, SolutionSight will provide a Refund in the amount of $120.00, due to a $40.00 fee for process and administration of cancellation that is non-refundable.
b.  If notice of cancellation is received by SolutionSight after the 5th business day of enrollment, NO REFUND WILL BE PAID.
2. HABLA Case Studies/Final Exam, Part 2:
Students are provided three opportunities to pass the examination of the HABLA Case Studies/Final Exam. NO REFUND WILL BE PAID for this component of the HABLA Program.


If you have any questions or want to get started with this program, please contact SolutionSight, Inc. at the number listed below and just ask to talk to someone about HABLA or you can send an email to SolutionSight, Inc. at  please include "HABLA" in your subject line.

Thank you for reviewing the "What is HABLA?" On-line information.

SolutionSight, Inc.

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